Capital Area Handbell Festival

2024 Capital Area Handbell Festival

North Carolina State Fairgrounds  |  Raleigh, NC
Clinician Brenda Austin

Join hundreds of other ringers in Raleigh, North Carolina each fall to work with a clinician at the Capital Area Handbell Festival.

Event Details

The Capital Area Handbell festival has been held continuously since 1990. Each year, ringers gather at the State Fairgrounds in Raleigh, North Carolina, to work with a clinician for a full day. The event is open to both individual ringers and choirs who would like to attend. In addition to the repertoire, a choir may choose to perform a solo at the final concert.

The day includes rehearsals, lunch, a lunchtime concert presented by The Raleigh Ringers, and a final concert open to the public at 4 pm.

Additional Weekend Activities

Friday Night Workshop

The night before the event, that year's clinician will hold a special workshop from 7-10 pm at the Fairgrounds.

Sunday Afternoon Advanced Read & Ring

The day after the festival, David Harris, director of The Raleigh Ringers will direct the Advanced Read and Ring from 1-4 pm at Raleigh Ringer Central. This is a great chance to read through some advanced handbell music under the director of The Raleigh Ringers!


Educational Events

Audience Comments

"The music was beautiful, the entertainment hilarious, and the whole experience was wonderfully worthwhile. We loved it so much we tried to get a flight changed to come hear your concert again!"

- Anonymous Fan

“What skill and diversity of music! I could have listened another three hours! Thank you for the inspiration and entertainment!”

- Anonymous Fan

“I never would have thought I'd want to go to a handbell concert, but when I heard handbell rock ’n’ roll on the radio, I told my friends, ‘We're going!’ And it was just great.”

- Anonymous Fan

"The Raleigh Ringers are the best handbell ensemble on the globe!!!!”

Greg Pysh
Minister of Music and Composer
Midland, Texas

“Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! They never cease to amaze me. Their playing is so musical, their technique impeccable.”

Cordetta Valthauser
Handbell Soloist
Cleveland Area, Ohio

"Thank you all for being ambassadors of superb musicianship, amazing technique, and sharing the joy of doing something you love, which is contagious.”

Carolann Haley
Assistant to Director of Music Ministries
National Presbyterian Church, Washington, D.C.

“The Raleigh Ringers are truly a wonderful instrument. It is a joy to watch how precisely they respond to director David Harris' musical goals, and how audiences respond as well. This group has definitely attained 'handbell superstar' status.”

Jason Tiller
Sonos Handbell Ensemble
San Francisco, CA

“The best part was, in spite of all the amazing things that they can do with bells – the bass ringer assignments, flawless technique, and all of those kind of things – the best part was that it was musical. I simply enjoyed the music.”

Dean Wagner
Associate Director of Music and Organist
First United Methodist Church of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

“...I did not know how good 'good' is in bell ringing until I heard you. It was simply superb, and you must have known that from the unusually enthusiastic response from the audience.”

Ross MacKenzie
Chautauqua Institution
Chautauqua, New York