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Virtual Roadie

or A Ton of Extra Baggage (well not quite a ton…)

It just isn’t a concert by The Raleigh Ringers without all the unique extra “stuff”!  And it isn’t only going to be difficult to get the extra “stuff” overseas to deliver the same high-quality handbell experience to those audiences—it’s going to be tough to fit those lowest aluminum bells in carry-on bags!   Oversized baggage fees are so pricey on international flights that the group is even considering buying a seat for the larger cases (no pretzels for the G1, please).  Please consider helpingThe Raleigh Ringers with these fees as a Virtual Roadie!

Thank you very much to our Virtual Roadies:

John Abernethy
Robert Auchter (RR Alumni)
Kathy Baker (RR Alumni)
Helen Blakey
Laveita Brinson (RR Alumni)
David & Ruth Brown (RR)
Keith Burt (RR)
Rosemarie Burt
Valerie Chaffin (RR Alumni)
Angela Chiatello (RR)
Barb & Jim Conard
Karen Copeland (RR Alumni) & Jim Rhew
James & Marilyn Cummings
LInda & Garry Duschl
Heather Duschl (RR)
Nancy Glenz
Nancy Granath
Gordon & Dionis Griffin
Susan (RR Alumni) & Glenn Grigg
Sandra Guinn
David Harris (RR)
Doug & Connie Harris
Joan Harrod (RR Alumni)
Mark Henderson (RR Alumni) & Karen Kristenssen
Carla Hinton (RR Alumni)
Sandra Hopson (RR)
Sharon Howell (RR Alumni)
Henry & Deanna Huber
Billee Jo & Lisa Ann Kelder (RR)
Margaret & David Kelder, in honor of Lisa Ann Kelder
Lesa Keyes
Norman & Linda Kribs
Claire Latham
Pam MacMillan
Phil & Cindy Massey (RR)
David & Angie Metz (RR Alumni)
Margaret Moore
Kristin Murphy (RR)
Sara Perkinson (RR Alumni)
Andy Punch (RR)
Norman & Vernice Punch
Kevin Quick (RR)
Judith Ray
Nancy Ritter (RR)
Cathy Rowe (RR)
Tomi Salzmann (RR Alumni)
Sterling & Patricia Smith
Stef & Diane van Dijk (RR)
Julie Vaquilar
Ann Lowe Vodicka (RR)
Wendy Weidman
Doug White (RR)
Larry Wikoff
Corey (RR Alumni) & Christy Winton

As of July 20, 2016