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That's Entertainment! | 05/01/2010
In their 20-year history, The Raleigh Ringers have mastered the art of handbell ringing, entertainment, tie-dye and a whole lot more.
There were no lighters held aloft or hands waving in the air last Thursday night at the Springmoor retirement community, but that doesn't mean the place wasn't rockin'.
For anyone who thinks the words "cool" and "awesome" shouldn't be applied to hand bells, meet David Harris.
Dedication, innovation, joy—here are three nouns that can easily be used in the same breath with “Raleigh Ringers.” This unique ensemble of musicians from the Capital City has been in existence since 1990, and their popularity remains on the rise as more and more people discover this music that—it can be truthfully said—certainly rings a bell with audiences. 
A look at the 30-year history of The Raleigh Ringers