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Auditions are held each January to find the most qualified, committed handbell ringers for the upcoming year. If you think you may be interested in auditioning for The Raleigh Ringers, please contact David Harris as far in advance of January as possible.

The audition process is based on six areas:

•    Handbell Notation Familiarity (5 percent): Demonstrate different techniques and other notations.
•    Rhythm Exercises (20 percent): Demonstrate the ringer's ability to handle challenging rhythms and meters.
•    Multiple Bell/Switching Exercises (20 percent): Demonstrate how the ringer handles quick and frequent changes
     in accidentals.
•    Sight-Reading Pieces (30 percent): Group sight-reading of four to five pieces. Ringers change positions two to
      three times.
•    Form (5 percent): Ringing motion and use of techniques.
•    Commitment (20 percent): Interview with the director to discuss general commitment expectations, specific
      requirements for the upcoming year and other outside group involvement.

Auditions are conducted by the director and one or more experienced handbell directors from outside of the group. Each section is scored, and decisions are based on those scores. In addition, the audition is videotaped for review after the session. Since every position in The Raleigh Ringers is open each year, returning members must re-audition yearly. This ensures the best possible group of ringers for the upcoming season.

For information on auditioning, please email Director David Harris.